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neon internet is a company that focuses on understanding new media.

We were forged in the fires of myspace, 9gag, 4chan and, yes, even Facebook.
Over the past 20 years, our team of open-minded creatives has seen it all:
The good, the bad, the ugly.
Now don’t worry, this website means serious business. If you’re looking for quality service, you came to the right place.

We are a full-service agency and usually “internet first”, but if you ask nicely, we can also do offline stuff. For example for TV, Radio or Cinema, but who cares about those anyway, right?

A few references:
During web1, we built websites using Microsoft Frontpage and Photoshop CS1. We did not only spam the guestbooks of our friends, we built them.
On web2, we’ve helped businesses, governments and creators in getting their messages out to the people.
To make people’s social media life easier, we’ve built, the digital creator toolbox and a free e-learning platform, the neonacademy.
Finally, on “web3”, we’re advising global corporations on how to sell historic digital artifacts, and have developed an expertise in creative AI. Thanks to this expertise, we’ve built LetzAI, the Luxembourgish creative AI system.

So you see, you can trust us for your i n t e r n e t business.
Karim, Sacha, Misch, Ricardo, Jacques
neon partners


Thanks to a wide number of amazing partners and contractors, we have the right people for any kind of request.


We grow your business with state-of-the-art digital marketing solutions, creative campaigns, great content and over 300 years of expertise in the metaverse.


We create customized web, app & content solutions for all your software needs. Just text us “Need keyboard monkeys” and we’ll know what to do.


Sometimes everybody needs advice. We can guide your experts, managers, team, or strategists and help optimize your marketing performance.




We can create stunning 2D or 3D animations for your explainer videos or NFTs.


We have a passion for decentralized technologies and the Web3.


We can make your brand look cool & fresh on every surface.

Content Creation

Photography, Videography & Design to make you and your brand *pop*.


Finding the right words isn’t always easy. Let us help you with that.


Our team of keyboard monkeys will make every app and dApp idea come to life.


We work remotely.
Please don’t ask if you can meet at our office.


We love games, game theory and gamification. And laserguns, phew phew.


All your base are belong to us.
Yes, we also do memes.


Think AR & VR!

Prompt Design

Need crazy AI-generated visuals? We speak ze language of ze machines.


We have managed more than one crisis and know how to find the right words in 5 languages.


We record, edit and upload voices (not the ones in our heads though).


Often requested, but rarely understood: Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media

Our team is not only social but also knows everything about social networks. *Badum-Ts.*


We can craft logical and flawless computer interfaces.

Stable Diffusion

We run Stable Diffusion based AI tools and can train your custom models.


If you want us to, we can think about something reaaally hard.


We are pioneers in #aicinema and synthetic image creation.

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We’re an award-winning agency with expertise in state-of-the-art marketing tech, but also institutional communication.

and many more.

We’re actually alive aaaaaa

We’re powered by Alchemy

Our Web3 infrastructure is powered by, the most powerful set of Web3 development tools.


Working with us might make you eligible for a 5000€ grant from the Luxembourgish SME Packages program.

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