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No matter which marketing phase you’re in:
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your status?

no online presence

You‘re just about to launch your business and have no presence and no data to work with yet.
You need help setting up your pages and accounts and you want to get it just right and reach the right audiences.
You have no online strategy yet, but you know that there is no second chance for a first impression.

small online presence

You‘ve tried to advertise your product online, but you‘re missing out on important revenues.
You‘ve taken the wrong steps, advertised on the wrong networks.
You‘re placing too much text in your images because you didn‘t know that the facebook algorithm deranks graphics with over 25% text in them.

good online presence

You‘re doing great, your audience engages with your content and your website has lots of traffic.
You work with influencers, you‘re present on all the right networks, and now you want to reach the next level.
You want to try split-testing, remarketing and growth hacking.

process automation

Time is money.
It‘s the most valuable ressource we have and every company needs to focus on saving it.
Automating processes is an indispensable idea when you‘re managing a multitude of platforms and services.

A few automation examples:

Interlinking your social networks and website posts.
Saving tagged posts to your dropbox.
Subscribing facebook leads to mailchimp newsletters.
Saving gmail attachments to google drive.

The possibilities are endless.

media reporting and sentiment analysis

No matter how good and fast you are, in big projects it‘s important to keep track of what‘s going on in your network. What do the people say about your product? What are the reactions on facebook, instagram, reddit?

Media reports are important for the success of your strategy and can vary from simple data extractions to complex artificial intelligence driven sentiment analyses. No matter the complexity or size of your company: everything‘s possible with the right tools.

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sprout social

and more.

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