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If you’re working in Marketing, Webdesign or development, Digital Content Production, Blockchain, Social Media, Data Science or any related field, feel free to send us your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn profile or your portfolio website at any time.

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What we offer

  • Flexible working hours

  • High autonomy and responsibility

  • Competitive remuneration

  • Home office and remote work

  • Diversified projects and clients

  • A young, dynamic and social work environment

  • An environment where growth and life-long learning are priorities

Contract types and working hours are discussable.

neon core Online Marketing Manager

Full-time, based in Luxembourg

In order to strengthen our core team we are looking for a competent swiss army knife, a jack of many trades and autodidact.
neon does not only offer strategic help to its clients but also practical data implementations that go much beyond what is featured on this website or on our social media channels. If you will be selected for this job, we will take you deep into the rabbit hole and train you as required along the journey (if necessary).
Our clients are diversified and reach from big/institutional clients to smaller local partners. An understanding of geopolitics, the economy and business development will be crucial for this leading position.
In order to apply, you need to be well versed in many digital marketing areas. You should to know all the mainstream social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Reddit, and related platforms) and be experienced with search engine marketing and data analysis.
Interpersonal intuition, empathy and general communication skills are indispensable, as well as an ability to think critically.
A basic understanding of programming and web languages are required, as is an understanding of the human psyche.
An eye for design and the ability to use graphic or video editing tools is a plus.
You will be a consultant, not a sales man. As such you will consult clients in their best interest and work with a talented team of freelancers to produce state-of-the-art solutions to their problems.
For this position we’re only looking for people in Luxembourg. Our client base implicates the necessity to speak and write the four most common national languages from Luxembourg fluently which are Luxembourgish, German, French and English. Every other language is appreciated.
If you think that you’re up for the task, get in touch and grab the chance to become a part of our family ?

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If this job describtion is not interesting for you, but you have a great Instagram account and want to be featured in one of our Influencer lists like for example this one? Get in touch.

Digital Graphic Designers & UI/UX-Designers


We are looking for digital graphic designers to actively support our team during the developement and design of upcoming projects, as well as internal (neon) designs for our social media channels or other platforms.
In order to be considered, you need to have a decent portfolio of your work (everydays are highly appreciated) and present a high amount of professionalism (deadline management and perfectionism will be essential skills).
We won’t look at your diploma. Applicants without a working website featuring their work don’t need to apply either.
Mastery of the Adobe Creative Cloud is essential. Every other tools are a plus.
Every language you speak besides English is a plus.

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WordPress Developer (Agency Job)


You are an experienced WordPress developer, that keeps up to date with new software (like for example Webflow) and has an eye for design? If the answer is yes, then we are in dire need of you.
We are looking for a crazy developer who will assist the Neon Agency and its partners in building web solutions for their clients.
This job demands you to be hygienic in your work. The challenges you will face require:
– an eye for web design and the necessary carefulness to conceptualize, design and execute a new project from scratch.
– good written and verbal communication skills (at least German & English) to communicate with a client and supervise a website’s content.

In-depth knowledge of PHP, Javascript, CSS, and the WordPress core is essential, as you will be assigned to projects that require a deeper understanding of those.
Experience with React.js, Next.js, Docker, Github, and other state-of-the-art solutions is a huge plus.
You should also be able to administer and set up Web servers, configure E-Mail Addresses, and set up DNS Configurations.

The job Location is Luxembourg.
You will work mostly from your own/home office and will be your own boss.

In order to apply for this position, we ask you to attach a web portfolio that showcases your experience.

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You are an experienced web-developer, that keeps up to date with new technologies and always tries to push the envelope? If the answer is yes, then we are in search of you.
You should be able to work with a plurality of major web programming languages and to adapt quickly to new programs. The job demands to articulate technical challenges and solutions from you, which means good written and verbal communication skills (at least english) are indispensable.
In-depth knowledge of php and javascript are essential, as you will be assigned to projects that require a deeper understanding of those basic languages.
However experience with React.js, node.js and other modern solutions are a huge plus.
You will work mostly on our in-house solutions ( and our upcoming neonacademy), as well as on agency projects that require experience with WordPress, WooCommerce and similar solutions.
You should have an eye for UI&UX design and be able to program accordingly.
Job Location is Luxembourg. You will work mostly from your own/home office.

In order to apply for this position, we ask you to submit our hidden password with your application.
This password is stored “somewhere” on
Proof your skill and motivation by finding it and add it to your application e-mail.

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Freelance Content Creators

We are always interested in expanding our network of freelancers that have a solid expertise in content creation. If you are a creative working in design, photography or videography we’d love to see your work.

Just feel free to get in touch and drop your social media:

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